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Workers’ Compensation

Have you been injured at work? Do you need legal assistance with your claim? We are well-versed in Georgia law regarding workers’ compensation benefits and offer a free initial consultation in which you can discuss your situation with us directly.

Successful Results

To many law firms, your life altering injury is just another number. Our law firm has served our clients faithfully in every case. By doing so, we have been able to build a history of success stories, large worker compensation payouts, and changed lives.

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Have a question about Workers’ Compensation? Not sure about how recent changes in the law can effect your claim? Visit our blog to see the latest updates on the vast legal field that is known as Workers’ Compensation. Leave a comment!

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ALE RadioWorkers’ compensation attorney Benjamin Y. Gerber recently appeared as a guest on the radio show Atlanta Legal Experts. He appeared at the invitation of the host, Emily Rowell, and discussed a variety of issues related to workers’ compensation claims. Click the play button below to listen to what Ben had to say to thousands of radio listeners.

Benjamin Y. Gerber – Atlanta Legal Experts Radio
Benjamin Y. Gerber on Atlanta Legal Experts Radio

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The Law Offices of Benjamin Y. Gerber is a Workers’ Compensation law firm that is dedicated to protecting the future of Georgia’s workers. Ben created his law office in 2010. Tired of the “burn and turn” that other law firms employ, he was determined to provide superior representation for those who were injured on the job and need personalized assistance in understanding the workers compensation system.  In 2012 Ben expanded his practice and added a second attorney, Matthew Jordan, to the firm. Today, the firm continues to grow with every successful verdict.

  • Back Injuries

    More than one million workers suffer back injuries each year, and back injuries account for one of every five workplace injuries or illnesses. A back injury can leave an employee unable to work for an extended period of time, and may even lead to permanent disability. Victims of back injury accidents at work should consult with a Workers’ Compensation attorney to determine their options.

  • Knee & Shoulder Injuries

    If you have suffered a knee or shoulder injury at work, you need to contact our office to discuss your Workers’ Compensation rights. These types of injuries are often life-lasting and limiting. The Law Offices of Benjamin Y. Gerber understands the long-term implications of a knee or shoulder injury. Let us help you secure all the benefits to which you are entitled.

  • Other Work Related Injuries

    There are many types of injuries, large and small, that can have life long lasting effects. Don’t take chances with your future, contact our Workers’ Compensation attorneys today to find out how you can protect it.

Benjamin Gerber

Benjamin Gerber

Matt Jordan

Matt Jordan

Jessy Rivera

Jessy Rivera


Successful Results

Settlement of $225,000.00

51 year old restaurant worker slipped and fell striking his head on the ground while taking the trash out to a dumpster.

Settlement of $225,000.00Head Injury
Settlement of $200,000.00 plus a $150,000.00 Medicare Set Aside

56 year old man had two knee operations, the second of which was a total knee replacement after falling into a hole while on the job.

Settlement of $200,000.00 plus a $150,000.00 Medicare Set AsideKnee Replacement
Settlement of $200,000.00

34 year old man was injured when a vehicle drove off the road and struck him on the construction site he was on. He sustained a herniated disk in his back.

Settlement of $200,000.00Back Injury
Settlement of $175,000.00 plus an MSA of $125,000.00

42 year old salesman was injured when he was attacked and shot by assailants while he was working. A bullet remained lodged in his lung as a result of the attack.

Settlement of $175,000.00 plus an MSA of $125,000.00Lung Injury

Have you been hurt on the job? Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your Workers’ Compensation claim.