Client Successes

The following are examples of the fantastic settlement results we have been able to obtain for our clients:

  • Head Injury- Settlement of $225,000.00

    51 year old restaurant worker slipped and fell striking his head on the ground while taking the trash out to a dumpster.

  • Knee Replacement- Settlement of $200,000.00 plus a $150,000.00 Medicare Set Aside

    56 year old man had two knee operations, the second of which was a total knee replacement after falling into a hole while on the job.

  • Back Injury- Settlement of $200,000.00

    34 year old man was injured when a vehicle drove off the road and struck him on the construction site he was on. He sustained a herniated disk in his back.

  • Lung Injury- Settlement of $175,000.00 plus an MSA of $125,000.00

    42 year old salesman was injured when he was attacked and shot by assailants while he was working. A bullet remained lodged in his lung as a result of the attack.

  • Leg Infection- Settlement of $115,000.00

    48 year old man sustained an infection in his leg after cutting himself on the job.

  • Ankle Injury- Settlement of $115,000.00

    59 year old temporary laborer fell off a scaffolding and fractured his ankle. This injury required his ankle to be fused.

  • Finger- Settlement of $100,000.00

    70 year old man lost the use of a finger and part of his hand when his finger got caught in the saw he was using to cut a piece of wood.

  • Foot Injury- Settlement of $100,000.00

    54 year old mason sustained a crush injury to his foot when a concrete wall collapsed on top of him.

  • Back Injury- Settlement of 100,000.00

    37 year old baker herniated a disk in his back unloading bread from an oven.

  • Shoulder Injury- Settlement of $95,000.00

    51 year old man injured his shoulder while lifting garbage. Diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear and had two surgeries to fix tear.

  • Neck Injury- Settlement of $90,000.00

    36 year old female sustained a herniated disk in her neck as a result of a car accident. We settled her case after she had the surgery paid for by the insurance company.

  • Head Injury- Settlement of $85,000.00

    39 year old delivery driver sustained a head injury when a ladder fell off his truck and struck him in the head.

  • Arm Injury- Settlement of $79,000.00

    35 year old construction worker fractured his arm when a pipe he was working on became detached and struck him in the forearm.

  • Foot Injury- Settlement of $77,500.00

    30 year old construction worker injured his foot when a scissor lift rolled over it.

  • Hand Injury- Settlement of $70,000.00

    35 year old construction worker injured his hand when hell off a ladder at a construction site. He used his hand to brace himself and fractured it.

  • Finger Injury- Settlement of $70,000.00

    66 year old truck driver lost his finger while checking on the engine of his vehicle<.

  • Back Injury- Settlement of $65,000.00

    40 year old machinist sustained a non-surgical back injury while lifting up a piece of trash from his jobsite.

  • SLAP Tear- Settlement of $60,000.00

    55 year old man sustained a superior labral tear when the forklift he was on crashed into a pallet.

  • Foot Injury- Settlement of $60,000.00

    45 year old maintenance worker slipped on the stairs and fractured her foot.

Please note that the settlement value of each case is different and the unique facts and circumstances in each case will determine the final outcome. The settlements listed above are ILLUSTRATIVE OR EXAMPLES of results that the Law Offices of Benjamin Y. Gerber has achieved for past clients.